Onmeta FAQ's

Onmeta FAQ's

What are the different blockchains that Onmeta supports?

We currently live with Polygon, Ethereum, Binance, Arbitrum, Fantom, Avalanche. We have more blockchains in the pipeline to be launched in the next few months.

What are all the fiat currencies that Onmeta supports for Onramp?

We support INR (Indian Rupees) and PHP (Philippine Peso) currently. We plan to launch a few more currencies in the near future.

What are the payment methods supported in different geographies by Onmeta ?

India - NEFT, IMPS, RTGS & UPI Philippines - Gpay, Gcash & Paymaya

How many crypto tokens does Onmeta support?

We have the capability to support ~5200 crypto tokens from the decentralized exchanges (DEX) and blockchains that we are already integrated with.

Are there any TDS implications for the purchases made on your platform by end users?

According to the rules of the Government of India, sellers of crypto tokens need to pay 1% TDS. We comply with this rule by deducting TDS in our offramp transactions.

How much time does it take to onramp and offramp with Onmeta ?

Our onramp and offramp transactions typically take less than a minute to process

How can I contact Onmeta support ?

You can write to support@onmeta.in or you can contact us from the chatbot that can be accessed from the hamburger menu in the top right corner.

What is the typical onchain gas fee?

Onchain transaction cost varies all the time based on demand supply match of validators and also by the chain. Networks like polygon have very low network fees in comparison to the size of transaction while networks like ethereum have very high network fees in comparison to the size of transaction.

What is the maximum and minimum transaction size for Onramp transactions ?

We allow our clients to set their own limits for the transaction. Below are our suggested minimum and maximum limits. The minimum is arrived based on a transaction size that makes the gas fee attractive for miners/validators and maximum is based on payment channel transfer limits Chain Minimum Limit Maximum Limit Ethereum 1000 INR, 1000 PHP 500000 INR, 50000 PHP Polygon 100 INR, 100 PHP 500000 INR, 50000 PHP Binance Smart Chain 500 INR, 500 PHP 500000 INR, 50000 PHP Avalanche 100 INR, 100 PHP 500000 INR, 50000 PHP Arbitrum 100 INR, 100 PHP 500000 INR, 50000 PHP Fantom 100 INR, 100 PHP 500000 INR, 50000 PHP

What are the different types of integration that Onmeta provides?

We support widget and API Integration.

How should clients choose between Widget and API Integration?

Clients looking to go to market quickly should integrate the widget as it is pretty quick and will take a maximum of a couple of hours to complete the integration. Clients who have very specific needs that our widget is not able to support can go for API integration. A large majority of our clients prefer widget over API as it is able to solve for a majority of their use cases.

How do clients start integration?

We have a self-serve dashboard and you can seamlessly perform the integration by following the steps mentioned in the dashboard.You can register for the dashboard here.

How long does it take to do widget integration in Onmeta?

It takes 10 minutes to integrate our widget i.e. 10 minutes between the time that you sign up on your dashboard and the time that you can go live.