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India’s Reliable
Fiat <> Crypto Gateway

Accelerate your business with an easy-to-integrate, crypto
on-ramp for your platform.

Currently buying crypto with fiat, it’s like
jumping off a high-dive board without
knowing how deep the water is.
Section 2
The water is safe here at Onmeta – your
users can breathe, and the depth doesn’t
change as they move around.

A few lines of code, that’s all!

You can integrate ONMETA to your platform through a simple iFrame widget, or build your own fiat-to-crypto gateway with
our JSON API, to keep it simple for them.

Widget documentation

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
    <script src=""></script>
    <noscript>You need to enable JavaScript to run this app.</noscript>
    <div id="root"></div>
    <div id="widget"></div>
      let createWidget = new onMetaWidget({
        elementId: "widget",
        apiKey: "b911cb3f-3e53-4faa-a4ad-43509c19baf2",
        walletAddress: "0xFFc39eab0fb83Es0c536c35C44D578F450FDBB6E"
      createWidget.on("ALL_EVENTS", (status) => console.log(status));
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Building Blocks for the Crypto World

building block

Better Conversion

Generate the best quotation from the multiple DEXs at the time of swap

building block

Off- Ramp

Instant Settlement of Fiat withdrawals to the users bank account

building block

Localized Payment

Provide localised payment method option to your user across the globe

building block

KYC Onboarding

Enable users to authenticate and register; Partners can identify users via multiple methods


Reduce your funnel drop-offs

  • Your users can complete their transaction as quickly as flash.
  • All within your dapp or website.

About us

Connecting the Real World to the Crypto World

The objective of this platform is to facilitate payment services to purchase crypto assets with native currencies and thus to accelerate the adoption of web3, blockchain technology.

Our Mission

“To make crypto as accessible and easy to buy as any other mainstream asset”

Our Team

Co founders

Bharath T

CEO & Co-Founder,Ex-CoFounder - PikoBox, Ex-Rapido,

Co founders

Krishna Teja

CTO & Co-founder, Ex-Ola, Ex-Rapido, Ex-Voodoo

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ONMETA encrypts all data and transactions to ensure a completely
secure experience for our members.

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