How Onmeta solved the biggest pain point in the Onramp journey to provide a dream user experience?

Jul 27, 2023

If you are a follower of Onmeta or for that matter any onramp in India you would have been familiar with what is colloquially called UTR based flow. In this flow, after okaying the quote in the quotation page the user needs to make payments to the mentioned UPI ID via an UPI app and then come back to the widget to enter UTR (Unique transaction reference) to process the order. 

This is the flow that is commonly used in countries where the payment gateways are hesitant or prohibited from serving the web3 Industry including Vietnam, India among many countries. Below is an example of how the UTR based flow works

As innovative as the flow is, it comes with its own friction points

  • Many users fail to understand the what an UTR means and confuse it with other numeric and alphanumeric characters and end up using wrong variable

  • Even if the users identify what the right UTR is they still end up typing 1 or more of the digits wrong

In a survey by Onmeta to its clients and end users a whopping majority (>90%) of them mentioned this flow as the single most friction heavy point in their user journey. 

With the understanding that solving this problem would satiate its loyal customers the most, Onmeta set about solving this problem a couple of months ago. There is a lot of tribal knowledge about UPI in the fintech community in India but no straightforward answer as to why a flow without UTR will not work. After a lot of trial and error we landed on an approach that solved for the UTR flow problem in the most seamless of ways i.e. the user just had to make the payment in UPI app and watch the Onmeta widget do the magic. Watch the video below to understand more about the new flow

The initial results of this project look really promising as the users are able to complete their transactions within 30 seconds and lavish rich praises to Onmeta in the comments section. The partners and clients of Onmeta for their part are super happy to have gotten their hands on what will be a game changer of a product in their quest to provide end customers with best experience that they can get in this part of the world.

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