Onramper integrates Onmeta to boost local payment method reach in India and Philippines

Jul 6, 2023

Onmeta and Onramper are thrilled to announce a partnership that will massively increase access to crypto. Now, users in India and the Philippines can seamlessly (and securely) buy a range of crypto tokens using local payment methods.  This collaboration comes at a time when India leads the world in cryptocurrency adoption, with a significant percentage of its population owning digital assets.

According to Finder's Crypto Adoption November 2022 Report, India ranks first out of 26 countries in terms of crypto adoption. The report estimates that 29% of Indians own some form of cryptocurrency, with Bitcoin and Ethereum being the most popular choices. This data highlights the strong interest and demand for digital assets among the Indian population, indicating the country's potential for significant economic development and innovation in the future.

A report by Chainalysis further supports the expectation of exponential growth in crypto adoption in India. Based on factors such as internet penetration, smartphone ownership, financial inclusion, and remittance flows, India ranks fourth in terms of crypto adoption potential. The report predicts that India could have up to 190 million crypto users by 2026, making it one of the largest and most influential crypto markets globally. This projection has profound implications for the global economy and society, underscoring the significance of India's role in shaping the crypto landscape.

This news comes as a timely response to this growing demand and interest in cryptocurrencies within India and the Philippines. Onramper's expansion into these markets allows their clients to tap into a larger user base, enabling them to reach more individuals and foster further growth.

The integration with Onramper, the leading global fiat onramp aggregator, allows users to easily purchase their preferred tokens using popular local payment methods such as UPI (Unified Payments Interface) in India, and GCash, Paymaya, and Grabpay in the Philippines. By reducing friction during the token purchase process, Onramper aims to drive further adoption of cryptocurrencies in these countries.

“This partnership aligns with our commitment to unlocking the potential of the crypto and Web3 space for the masses,” said Thijs Maas, Onramper Co-founder and CEO. “Together with Onmeta, we are leading the way towards a more accessible and sustainable crypto market."

For Onramper, this integration marks an expansion into the Indian and Philippine markets, providing their clients with access to a larger user base and increased opportunities for growth. By leveraging the local payment methods supported by Onmeta, Onramper can offer a frictionless onramping experience to users, ultimately unlocking the potential of the crypto and Web3 space for the masses.

Onmeta, as a leading fiat on- and off-ramp solution provider in India and Southeast Asia, is committed to simplifying the user experience of buying and selling cryptocurrencies. 

"We are excited to collaborate with Onramper, the leading global fiat onramp aggregator, to provide users in India and the Philippines with a seamless and secure solution for buying and selling digital assets. By integrating with Onramper, we aim to simplify the on/off-ramp experience and bring the best web3 products to our Indian users” says Krishna Teja Nemani, Founder & CTO at Onmeta.

The collaboration between Onmeta and Onramper aligns with their shared mission of improving the bridge between the fiat and crypto worlds. With their diverse teams and a focus on delivering easy and efficient solutions, both companies are dedicated to advancing the adoption and accessibility of cryptocurrencies for a broader audience.

This not only benefits users in India and the Philippines by offering a seamless and secure method to purchase digital assets but also strengthens Onramper's presence in these markets and enhances Onmeta's ability to simplify the on/off-ramp experience for web3 companies and individual investors.

Here’s a simple and user-friendly video guide that demonstrates the step-by-step process of using Onmeta on Onramper. This video tutorial will provide a clear and easy-to-follow walkthrough, showing users how to purchase crypto tokens using the supported local payment methods on Onramper.