Uniting for a Seamless Onboarding Experience to Ronin: Onmeta's Partnership with Sky Mavis

Aug 18, 2023

Empowering users & developers alike with seamless On-Off Ramp experience for $RON, $SLP, and $AXS

We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership between Onmeta - the most reliable fiat on & off ramp solution for India & the Philippines and Sky Mavis - the visionary creator of Ronin Wallet & Axie Infinity, that is set to redefine the experience of buying & selling of Ronin ecosystem tokens like $RON, $SLP, and $AXS from within the Ronin wallet apps and browser extension. Now, Ronin wallet users in India & the Philippines can buy or sell these tokens with ease using their favorite local payment methods. 

India & the Philippines are two of the largest gaming communities in the world & Sky Mavis has been at the forefront of the blockchain gaming revolution with Axie Infinity being the most popular web3 game and it recently announced non first-party games building on Ronin too. In order to make not just Axie but every game in the Ronin ecosystem accessible to a much larger user base, it has integrated Onmeta within the Ronin wallet apps & browser extension which power the games in the ecosystem. 

Through Onmeta, users in India & the Philippines will now be able to buy or sell Ronin ecosystem tokens using their favorite local payment methods like UPI & bank transfer in India and GrabPay, GCash & PayMaya in the Philippines. Moreover, these transactions are near instant and settled in <60 seconds. Users will need to go through Onmeta’s robust yet breezy KYC & AML process which will only enhance the safety & compliance aspect of their experience. 

"We are thrilled to be partnering with Onmeta to offer our users the ability to onramp using their preferred local payment methods. Together, we share a common vision of driving widespread adoption of blockchain gaming. Sky Mavis is committed to reducing friction for our users and will always strive towards new possibilities for our vibrant gaming community.” says Bailey Tan, Director of Ecosystem Strategy at Sky Mavis.

Ronin has been the go-to ecosystem for blockchain gaming projects given the robust infrastructure, strong gamer community and seamless deployment for developers. The primary objective has always been to make onboarding users with minimum friction and the integration with Onmeta is another step in that direction. By adding OnMeta into the suite of fiat on/off ramp solutions, Ronin is going hyperlocal in these markets to advance the adoption footprint among the emerging markets. This is particularly important as users in these markets are more accustomed to the localized payment.

A key element of the user experience in gaming is for the gamers to be able to make micro transactions. Through Onmeta, users will be able to make transactions for as low as 100 INR or PHP. This will further enhance the attractiveness of Ronin as a destination ecosystem for blockchain gaming projects since all these services including Onmeta’s will be automatically available to them through the Ronin wallet without any additional effort from their end. 

The partnership between Onmeta, Sky Mavis, and Ronin Wallet is rooted in a shared vision of enhancing the gaming experience, promoting blockchain adoption, and empowering gamers & developers globally through robust and modular infrastructure. 

About Sky Mavis

Sky Mavis is on a mission to create digital property rights for all users of the internet, starting with gamers. Sky Mavis is the creator of Axie Infinity, the #1 NFT project by all time NFT trading volume (4.2 B) and users onboarded to Web3. In addition, the team is also the inventor of Ronin, an EVM Blockchain specifically forged for gaming, which is second only to Ethereum when it comes to NFT sales by volume. Based in Vietnam and Singapore, Sky Mavis has raised funding from investors including Andreessen Horowitz, Paradigm, Libertus, and Mark Cuban.

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About Onmeta

Onmeta is a leading provider of fiat-to-crypto onramp solutions, offering users a seamless and secure way to trade cryptocurrencies using their fiat currencies. Committed to prioritizing user experience and safety, Onmeta delivers a fast, reliable, and secure platform which is used by 100+ web3 companies worldwide to enhance their user experience. 

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