Uniting for seamless buying and gaming experience on Aura— Onmeta’s partnership with Aura

Sep 27, 2023

We take extreme pleasure to announce the partnership between Onmeta- the most reliable onramp and offramp for India and the Philippines and Aura- a NFT marketplace which allows users to Discover new web3 games and mint cool NFTs.

For a gamer, it can be difficult to switch from web2 to web3. Aura is here to solve this major problem. It is committed to make the transition of gamers from web2 to web3 seamless and hassle free. It unlocks new experiences and metaverses while helping gamers to reimagine gaming as a viable career opportunity. Onmeta is providing a simplified payment experience at Aura so that the users can easily enjoy the games and mint cool NFTs.

The interesting yet seamless partnership between Onmeta and Aura allows users to buy tokens conveniently and quickly. With the user-friendly onramp solution provided by OnMeta, users can now effortlessly acquire USDC, ETH, DAI and many other tokens on Polygon, Ethereum & BNB blockchain and embark on their thrilling journey with Aura. We are ready to onboard the next billion people to web3 with our hassle- free and quick solutions.

Through Onmeta, the users in India & the Philippines will now be able to buy USDC, ETH, DAI and many other tokens on Polygon, Ethereum & BNB blockchain using their favorite local payment methods like UPI & bank transfer in India and GCash, GrabPay & PayMaya in the Philippines. Moreover, these transactions are near instant and settled in <60 seconds. Users will need to go through Onmeta’s robust yet breezy KYC & AML process which will only enhance the safety & compliance aspect of their experience. 

Onmeta’s integration with Aura is a significant step towards making web3 gaming more accessible and seamless. The idea is to remove every possible friction point from the user experience to seamlessly onboard them to web3. Another capability that will be unlocked with Onmeta’s integration is the ability to do small transactions, as low as 100 INR or 100 PHP  which will make the buying experience more accessible. 

The partnership between Onmeta and Aura is rooted in a shared vision of making cryptocurrency and web3 accessible to everyone and making the buying experience more convenient and quick through robust and modular infrastructure. 

About Aura 

Aura is committed to simplify the transition of gamers from web2 to web3. It allows users to discover new web3 games and unlocks new experiences and metaverses. Users can also mint cool NFTs from the marketplace and assimilate real time data and statistics to better strategies.

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About Onmeta

Onmeta is a leading provider of fiat-to-crypto onramp solutions, offering users a seamless and secure way to trade cryptocurrencies using their fiat currencies. Committed to prioritizing user experience and safety, Onmeta delivers a fast, reliable, and secure platform which is used by 100+ web3 companies worldwide to enhance their user experience. 

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