User FAQs

How do we copy the UTR from the UPI Apps?

Some UPI apps like Phonepay and Paytm allow you to copy UTR using a copy button but many do not. It is best to use the transaction confirmation SMS received from the UPI app and copy the UTR from there.

Is credit card payment method supported for making onramp transactions?

We don’t support any type of card payments for both INR & PHP currencies.

What is the typical onchain transaction cost?

Onchain transaction cost varies all the time based on demand supply match of validators and also by the chain. Networks like polygon have very low network fees in comparison to the size of transaction while networks like ethereum have very high network fees in comparison to the size of transaction.

What are your KYC policies? Is it mandatory to complete KYC before transacting?

We need users to verify one proof of Identity and one proof of address before they can transact on our platform.

How long does it take to complete the account verification?

We do real time KYC verification of end users. The whole process can be completed in less than a minute if the user has all the documents ready.

How much time does it take to onramp and offramp with Onmeta?

Our onramp and offramp transactions typically take less than a minute to process.

What support options do users have if they face any issues with Onmeta?

The users have three options to reach out to Onmeta Support: Live chat option in the Onmeta widget Onmeta Telegram Group User can email us at

What is the maximum and minimum limit for Onramp transactions ?

We allow our clients to set their own limits for the transaction. Below are our suggested minimum and maximum limits. The minimum is arrived at based on a transaction size that makes the gas fee attractive for miners/validators and maximum is based on payment channel transfer limits.

Does the transaction limit change with the payment method?

Yes, for UPI transactions Max limit per user per day is 1 Lakh. It also varies with limits set by the user bank account. For Bank Transfer (IMPS/NEFT/RTGS), Max limit is up to 5 Lakh per transaction.

Can we offramp money to foreign bank account?

We support payouts to only verified Indian bank accounts.